“Africa! Africa!”
The Music, Dance and Stories
An educational concert experience featuring dancers Ra McRostie and Emily Napolitano (Africa) and percussionists Gert Kilian (France), Doug Brush (U.S.A) and Pandemonium (Christchurch).
 Premiered in Christchurch in April 2011. See some videos on the Africa! Africa! page.
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Welcome to the website of Pandemonium , a world percussion group based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Pandemonium with Scribe and The Bats at the APRA Silver Scrolls, 2009 (Pandemonium begins at 3:30).

COMING UP: our friends at the beautiful Little River Campground are holding the awesome annual DRUM FESTIVAL, 28 Feb/1 March 2015. More info on Be There.