'Africa! Africa!' is an educational concert experience featuring dancers Ra McRostie and Emily Napolitano (Africa) and percussionists Gert Kilian (France), Doug Brush (U.S.A) and Pandemonium (Christchurch). More information about these performers is below.

This spectacular new 60 minute show was first toured to six Christchurch schoolsin April 2011.  Excerpts from one of these performances are in the videos on this page.

Pandemonium have previously performed school concert series in Christchurch and the greater Canterbury area in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007.  Further concert tours have included performances in Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton. Special guests for these shows have included Hollywood percussionist and recording legend Emil Richards, Cuban Percussionist Gilles Nantel, and fire artist Pascal Ackermann.

After the great success of the April series of 'Africa! Africa!' concerts, Pandemonium are looking to tour the show around the South Island. If you are interested in either hosting us or attending at a nearby larger school, we would love to discuss this exciting opportunity further with you. Pease contact Roanna Funcke at education@pandemoniumpercussion.com or on 027 2026140.

Gert Kilian
After studying classical music, German-born Gert Kilian formed the group 'Orexis' with Georg Lawall and Trilok Gurtu. The group won the German Record Prize/Newcomer 1978. A constant traveller, he has travelled all over the world for musical research, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, India, Africa and Trinidad & Tobago. This 'white balafonist' has made 16 CDs with various groups, and today plays with the group LOOPING 'melodic percussion'. He created 'Magic Balafon' with Aly Keita in 2006. The author of the method Balafon Beat, he is also a teacher and regularly gives courses and educational concerts.
More information about Gert can be found at www.gert-kilian.com
Doug Brush
Doug is an extraordinarily versatile percussionist. He received training in classical percussion at the American Conservatory of Music and Roosevelt University, graduating with honors.  His teachers included Patsy Dash of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Ed Poremba of the Lyric Opera.  In addition to a formal music education, he has studied with percussion masters in Cuba, Spain, North India, South India, North Africa, and West Africa among other locales.
Doug has taught percussion extensively to people of all ages and abilities and has performed to over 100,000 Chicago  public school students
More information about Doug can be found at www.dougbrushpercussion.com.
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Pandemonium is a world percussion group featuring the only performing set of West Indian Steel Pans in New Zealand. Since our founding in 1998 we have been very fortunate to be able to purchase a new set of Steel Pans and an Adams 5-octave concert marimba, with the generous support of The Community Trust.
Pandemonium has performed a series of school concerts to students and teachers within Christchurch and the Canterbury area in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2007. Special guests for these performances have included Hollywood percussionist and recording legend Emil Richards, Cuban percussionist Gilles Nantel, and fire artist Pascal Ackermann.
As well as Christchurch concerts, Pandemonium has travelled to Wellington (2002), Auckland (2007) and Hamilton (2007) to perform school concerts.
Plenty more information about Pandemonium is available on this website!


“Africa! Africa!”
The Music, Dance and Stories