Pandemonium's recent activity

- Performing Ney Rosauro's Marimba Concerto with Roanna Funcke as soloist, then accompanying the Christchurch City Choir in their performance of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, April 2016.
- Performing at the Opening Ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, on the Caribbean As! stage (featuring a reunion band with Craig Given, Steve Fischer, and Jason Wilcox), and on the main stage (see TV footage on our front page).
- Hosting the annual Re-Percussion all-percussion demonstration concert every December, now in its 30th year.
- 'Garden Variety', a series of shows run by the Body Festival around the Rugby World Cup 2011 near the Christchurch Fanzone.
- A series of school concerts, 'Africa! Africa!', performed with guests Gert Kilian, Doug Brush, Ra McRostie and Emily Napolitano at six Christchurch schools in April 2011.'
- Marimbas in the Maurice', solo and small ensemble recital by members and friends of Pandemonium at the Music Centre of Christchurch (October 2010).
- Performing on the 'Party in the Dark' episode of the Erin Simpson Show on TV2 (May 2010).
- Performing with Gareth Farr at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards (November 2009).
- 'Masters of Percussion', a concert event in the company of John Psathas and Ney Rosauro, featuring solo and ensemble performances by Ney Rosauro and Pandemonium, including the premiere of Psathas'Stream 3.4film and live performance (October 2009).
- Performing as 'The Sound Gardeners' at Chisnallwood Intermediate School (April 2010), the 2009 Christchurch Festival of Flowers (February-March) and 2009 KidsFest Mix Mash Music Bash (July).
- Performances at the Alexandra Blossom Festival, September-October 2008.- Supporting Roanna Cooper, Scott Chappell and Jeremy Thin at a marimba recital at the Christchurch Music Centre, July 2008.
- 'Kids Mix Mash Music Bash' with Common Ground Breakdancers at Kidsfest, July 2008.
-'Pandemonium Proms', with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Christchurch Town Hall, April 2008.
- 'Flames, Water and Film', an outdoor show in Christchurch's Cathedral Square as part of the 2007 Christchurch Arts Festival, featuring Pandemonium, fire artist Pascal Ackermann, and the world premiere of the film 'Stream 3.4', made by Christchurch film-maker Aden Shillito accompanied by a live performance of New Zealand composer John Psathas' work, 'Stream 3.3'.
- Parades in Christchurch, Timaru and Lyttelton with the Christchurch School of Music Samba Band.
- Corporate function performances, including in Auckland (NBR Arts Sponsorship Awards) and Christchurch (Champion Canterbury Awards Dinner, Sport Canterbury Sports Awards).
- Educational shows throughout Christchurch, Canterbury, Auckland and Hamilton.

Guest artists Pandemonium Percussion showed their versatility in two very different works, played with their customary energy and panache.
- Rachael Hawkey, Christchurch Press reviewer, in review of Pandemonium in concert with the Christchurch Symphony, February 2001.
The opening movement of the Marimba Concerto by the Brazilian, Ney Rosauro, assured us that Pandemonium Percussion would live up to their reputation. This was a brilliant performance from the soloist Roanna Funcke.
 - David Sell, Christchurch Press reviewer, in review of Pandemonium in concert with Christchurch City Choir, April 2016.

The percussion group Pandemonium gets better every time I hear it. Its two brackets were not just popular; they were also highly polished. Pandemonium continues to impress as one of the most exciting musical developments in Christchurch in recent years.
  - David Sell, Christchurch Press reviewer, in review of Pandemonium in concert with Woolston Brass, August 2000.

Roanna Funcke performing Ney Rosauro's Marimba Concerto with Pandemonium, 2016.
Photo: Christchurch City Choir
Roanna Funcke performing Ney Rosauro's Marimba Concerto with Brett Painter and Doug Brush of Pandemonium, 2016.
Photo: Christchurch City Choir
Pandemonium performing Carl Orff's Carmina Burana with the Christchurch City Choir, 2016.
Photo: Christchurch City Choir