Pandemonium have developed a series of performances based on themes and ideas. These performances - the World Tour of Percussion, Junk Jam, Underwater Concert, Vocal Show and Samba Band - are described below. We can mix and match elements of these to perform at your festival, school, corporate function, conference or other event.
Please check out our demo video below and then contact us for more information or to discuss how we can tailor entertainment for your event. Email Brett  at
World Tour of Percussion

Pandemonium's 'World Tour of Percussion' is our flagship concert performance and incorporates a huge setup covering music from around the world in a one hour gig. We start our show playing the roots of rhythm from Africa on large recycled telecommunication duct and then on to music from the Americas, Carribean, Europe and finally end on our huge scaffold structure covered in recycled junk playing the music of 'Stomp!'

Our instruments include West Indian Steel Pans, Log drums, 5 octave concert marimba, vibraphone, Latin percussion, drum kit, bass guitar rig, junk rig and many other instruments.

We also provide audience paticipation (for school performances) and quality informative compering regarding the music and culture surrounding the music. If applicable we can also perform this show with audiovisual support in the form of a projected datashow that incoprorates up to three live-action video feeds and special lighting. Feel free to enquire for more info.
Junk Jam!

Junk Jam is our interactive show promoting the message of music making, making your own instruments and recycling. The audience at the show is given a recycled piece of 'junk' to play along with Pandemonium. Rhythms are taught to accompany us and be part of the band!

We also perform on our large scaffold rig (partly seen on right) as well as many of our other instruments from around the world.

This show is most suitable for younger audiences.
Pandemonium's underwater concert

Fire and water feature prominently in Pandemonium concerts. While we can't (quite) perform in an inferno, we can perform under and over water! From January 17 to 19 2003, we introduced an interactive, exciting form of performance to the public of Christchurch. Over 3 days we presented a series of "Caribbean Pool Parties" in association with Christchurch City Council Summertimes, at outside aquatic centres around the city. These concerts involved the integration of our Caribbean and Junk music with an 'in-water' percussion rig. This rig is played in the water, submerged, and is amplified with the use of special underwater microphones. All music is heard acoustically and via in- and out-of-water speakers.

This is a unique and exciting new form of music and has been attempted in only a couple of places around the world. Stay tuned to this website for future underwater concerts!!
Vocal Shows

For people looking for a more conventional performance - we have a performance set that we perform with a professional Christchurch-based vocalist. This includes jazz, reggae, calypso, soca, as well as classical charts. We are the perfect group for a corporate function and for conferences; we guarantee that your guests won't have seen or heard a group like us before (unless they've already seen us!). Our rates are very competitive, and we can customise our music to suit your occasion.

We are also now proud to be able to work with 'Fireworks Professionals' pyrotechnics experts. Anthony Lealand and his team can add that extra spark to your conference show, indoor or outdoor. Fireworks and Calypso music is indeed an awesome mix. For more information please contact us.
Pandemonium is also closely affiliated with two groups that incorporate Pandemonium members and equipment: The BeThere Bicycle Band and the CSM Samba Band. Click below for more information.
The Sound Gardeners

The SOUND GARDENERS combines aspects of Pandemonium’s successful ‘World Tour of Percussion’ series and their latest street theatre-style show entitled ‘The Sound Gardeners’.
‘The Sound Gardeners’ concept was developed for premiere at the 2009 Christchurch Festival of Flowers. This mobile street-theatre series of shows in which the performers are disguised as gardeners utilising brooms, shovels, rakes, oil drums, buckets, street signs and gardening carts to create percussive music with rhythmic energy. The series took place during February and March in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, Cathedral Square and various places in between! Highlights from the show were also featured in Pandemonium’s ‘2009 KidsFest Mix Mash Music Bash’ in the July school holidays. 
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